1. Add-Ons
We offer a few additional add-ons.
Subtitles: You will get 2 versions of the video, one without subtitles and one with. This can be added for an additional $250.
Logo Branding: We will add your logo on the video that will be shown consistently throughout. This can be added for an additional $50.
Logo Animation: We will add animation to your static logo and bring it to life. It will be roughly 5 seconds in length and can be added at the beginning or end of the video. This can be added for an additional $150. *Usually included in the video.*
Additional Languages: We can add another language to the video. This requires a re-write of the script to the new language, re-record the new VoiceOver, and then sync the new audio to the animation. This can be added for an additional $350 per language.
Source Files: We do offer the source files that make up your video. You will get the Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator files for the illustrations, the VoiceOver files, and music if used. However, the Adobe After Effect Files will have an additional cost. Please ask after completion of the video. Prices Vary.

2. Animation Styles
There are many different types of animation styles to choose from. Common styles are WhiteBoard, 2D animation, and Motion Graphics. During the Creative Brief stage, you will be asked to choose an animation style you prefer. Simply just send us a link to your favourite animated video, and we will use that as a basis for your video. During the StoryBoard stage, you will get an idea of the illustration style being developed to make sure it’s consistent with what you sent us before we begin with the animation.

3. Client Responsibilities
All videos produced are part of a collaborative team effort. This means it will require your time and consideration at each stage of the project lifecycle. You will be given a full production team, but ultimately it is up to you to make the final decisions. We will not proceed to the next stage until we have confirmed that you are satisfied. When we send you updates and requests for approval or changes, the quicker you reply, the quicker the process.

4. Communication
All communication will be through a creative director or a project manager and not directly through the animator, scriptwriter, or voiceover artist. The project manager will act as the mediator between your team and ours. Their role will be to keep the process flowing as seamlessly as possible, give guidance on each stage of the project, and relay information between the two parties. Email is the preferred method of communication as this will create a record of the conversation.

5. Final Delivery
Once the video is completed and the final invoice has been paid, we will send the video in either a universal MP4 file or a MOV file.

6. Payment Terms
Our payment terms are simple. Regular payment will be 50% upfront, and 50% upon completion. Payment can be made via credit, cash, or email transfer. The video file will not be sent to you until the final payment has been received.

7. Portfolio
Once your video has been completed, we will add it to our video hosting channel on Vimeo. This may also include promoting the video on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and various other social networks.

8. Process
Our production process is based on 9 stages. These stages are highlighted both on the ClearCutVideos website as well as page 6 of the proposal. Our process has been fined tuned to create the perfect video in the most efficient way. Each stage of the process will have its own timeline and an unlimited number of revisions (except the VoiceOver stage – more info below).

9. Revisions
We offer unlimited revisions at every stage of the process except at the VoiceOver stage. Only when you are 100% happy and we receive confirmation, will we then move onto the next stage. However, for the VoiceOver stage, if you require any additional script changes a $150 fee will be incurred. If there are mistakes with pronunciation, flow, or any other mistakes on our end, no fee will be applied.

10. Satisfaction Guarantee
ClearCutVideos offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Since we offer unlimited revisions at almost every step of the process, you will always get the perfect video. If however, you are not satisfied we will keep 50% of the deposit.

11. Source Files
The source files are the property of ClearCutVideos. We offer these as additional add-ons if required. Please revert to the “Add On” section for pricing and information.

12. Timelines
We always try to deliver your video in the shortest possible time. The average timeframe for a 60-second video is 6-12 weeks. However, this is based on estimates of past projects we have completed. This can vary due to the number of revisions, video complexity, response time, and other variables. You will be in constant contact with our project manager and be notified if a delay is expected. Since these are custom made videos that require extensive detail we will always sacrifice time for quality.

13. Video Rights
Once the final invoice has been paid, you’ll own the rights to your video. We will be able to showcase your video on our website if we choose to do so.

14. VoiceOver
We have a wide range of some of the best VoiceOver artists in the business. We host an audition for artists to pitch their samples. You will be given the audition samples and asked to choose one talent. We will provide, American/Canadian voice artists, adult males, as a default. If you prefer another style, such as a specific accent or female artist, please specify. No revisions will be provided at this stage. If the VoiceOver is off from the script, or there is a mistake made, then a revision will be allowed.