Do you have an awesome product or service?

Are you struggling to share your story? Plain text and images simply won’t cut it anymore.
That’s why we create custom animated explainer videos that instantly grabs your visitor’s attention. Our videos are proven to increase your website’s conversion rate, WOW your audience and turn that visitor into a buyer!

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Do you have an awesome product or service?

Are you struggling to share your story? Plain text and images simply won’t cut it anymore.

That’s why we create custom animated explainer videos that instantly grabs your visitor’s attention. Our videos are proven to increase your website’s conversion rate, WOW your audience and turn that visitor into a buyer!

Contact us for our prices and
a free consultation!

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See it in action

Do you feel that visitors are leaving your site too quickly? The marketing tool specifically created to help sell your product or service for you. Don’t believe us? Watch our video and find out how powerful your story can be!


We make engaging animated explainer videos that capture the attention of your audience and explains exactly what you do. Your unique value proposition. With persuasive script writers and animators we will create the perfect video that says “THIS IS US!”


Do you need help crafting your company’s message?

Your story matters. It can be difficult to get your message across. Challenging to express your vision and ideas to the world. We understand. Going back and forth with your team just to end up having to restart.

We’ve been there too…

This process can take days, to weeks, even months. Why does it matter? It’s not just wasted time, but conveying your story and value proposition is key to your company’s success.

So how do you fix this?

Using our team of persuasive scriptwriters and our highly effective Creative Brief, we will create your perfect story. Questions about your company, targeted toward your audience.

We even take it a step further!

Welcome to our secret potent script writing formula to master each video…

From all the videos we’ve crafted so far, we have taken what works best. It’s our go-to formula that goes beyond any basic copywriting strategy. We compiled the 10 most effective psychological triggers with our 5 step formula. For the ultimate messaging and positioning. The foundation to any ClearCutVideo.

Let us help you tell your story!

Is an explainer video
for you?

Our mission is to help tell your story.

Make it impactful, and share it to the world.
You may be frustrated that you’re not communicating the right message or that your visitors are leaving your website too quickly.

You have come to us because you have an amazing product or service, but now you need to show your viewers WHY it’s great, making them understand ‘how it works,’ while turning that viewer into an active customer for your business.
You maybe asking yourself questions like “Will this video successfully explain our story and encourage a certain response, such as a pro active Call-to-Action?” Will a video really showcase what we do in the best possible angle?”

Great questions.

The foundation to every video is the most important component when creating your video. Of course, animation style, flow, music, SFX, and colours are important, but without the right message, these just are secondary.

Why do companies come to us?

Its easy. We always start with “WHY.” Not the how. Not the what. The why is the most important question to ask. Sure features and benefits are important. But the why is your reason for existing! You want to be the true differentiators. The innovators. Let your audience know. We work directly with you through our process to highlight your key unique value proposition using our Creative Brief and secret scripting formula.

Of course making fun and engaging animations is also what we do. But without the proper foundation, your message gets lost. Maybe even misunderstood.
Let us help you tell your story and share it with the world.







Every brand has a story to tell. Before someone buys your product or service they need to resonate with the message you’re sharing. With attention spans getting shorter, the time someone spends on your website is rapidly shrinking. That’s why you need to engage your visitors and provide them with an emotional experience – one that resonates.

Your video is a representation of your brand’s identity. Don’t use cheap, cookie-cutter, template video to tell your story. A first impression is crucial to your visitor. The video needs to match the premium feel of your brand and website. Take a look at some statistics and benefits!

blue-bullet-checkmarkA ClearCut message towards your customers

blue-bullet-checkmarkEmails with a video leads to a 200-300% increased click-through rate (Forrester)

blue-bullet-checkmark46% of users take some sort of action after viewing a video ad (Publishers Association)

blue-bullet-checkmark92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others (Invodo)

blue-bullet-checkmarkHighly engaging animations that instantly grabs your visitor’s attention

blue-bullet-checkmarkCombining video with full page ads boost engagement by 22% (Rhythm and Insights)

blue-bullet-checkmark96% of B2B organizations use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns (ReelSEO)

blue-bullet-checkmark59% of executives would rather watch video than read text (Forbes)


Matt and his team are true experts. They worked with us to produce a series of amazing explainer videos to help promote our company. We saw increased conversion rates within the first week of our video being uploaded!

Ramesh W

“eBRP Solutions” Managing Director

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the team at ClearCutVideos. Great project management, very efficient, and professional illustrations. Can recommend ClearCutVideos to anyone who needs international level animations and explainer videos.

Dirk Eschenbacher

“Atlas Network” CMO

Our process

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1. Strategic Consulting Problems, frustrations, goals, target, audience, story. The list goes on. A deep understanding of your company’s value proposition and core values. We need to learn everything about your business and audience.

2. Unleashing Your Story Once we understand your core business, we deploy our Creative Brief. A list of questions to dive deeper into your business, targeted toward your audience. Extract the most important information and turn that into the foundation for the script.

3. Potent Script Writing Time to turn up the gears! Let the creative process begin. Welcome, the “Trigger X” scripting formula. With our potent formula we’ll do more than tell your story. We’ll make it connect with your audience. Stand out. Show why you’re better than all your competitors.

4. Post Strategy Session Now we know our script writers are the best in the business. However, we still don’t know your business better than you. This is where we break down the first draft of your script. Make sure it’s perfect! A collaborative session between our team and yours. Any feedback and requests to change take place at this stage.

Thumbnail 1 - eBRP CommandeCentre

5. Studio Record VoiceOver We work with a wide range of some of the best voice talents in the industry. We host an audition for artists to pitch their samples. You will be given the audition samples and asked to choose one talent. There will be a question in the Creative Brief asking about styles you prefer.

6. StoryBoard Concepts Lets get the designs underway! After we craft your perfect message, we’ll design a few style frames, rough sketches to get the brainstorming going. Once we have a clear direction, we’ll take the initial frames and bring colour, texture and develop a real vision of what your video will look like. These are 100% hand-crafted drawings to start, then vectorized before animation.

7. Animation Production Let the animation begin! The heavy lifting of the overall project. As we all say, bring your video to life! Using software programs we bring characters, backgrounds, icons/graphics, words into motion. This is where the real magic happens. The flow of the animation is key to set you apart!

8. Music & SFX Now that the video is almost complete, we’re onto the final stage of the process. The final two components are including a professional music track and custom made sound effects. As an optional feature, you can decide what works best for you. It’s the little things that matter.

9. Render & Upload We’ve made it to the end. Go team! We’ll send you the final video in HD MOV or HD MP4 format. We’ll also send your the custom graphics and icons we created for FREE. Just cause we’re nice. It’s time to part ways and say our goodbyes. As much as we’d love to keep going, we have other customers that are waiting for their ClearCutVideo. We hope you had a blast working on your awesome video. If you’re 100% happy, we appreciate feedback, testimonials or referrals.


What is the cost of an explainer video?

The price for a video ranges due to the requirements, animation complexity, and the length. However, the video will range roughly between $2,000 to $15,000.

How does payment work?
Our payment system is simple. We charge 50% upfront, and then the final 50% upon completion. Once the final invoice is paid, we will send your HD video right away!
How long is the production process?

The average production process is between 6-12 weeks on average. The process can be quicker or slower due to video length, animation complexity, number of revisions, and communication. We also offer a rush service option for videos completed in under 4 weeks.

Do you offer revisions?
Yes! We offer unlimited revisions at every stage of the process. However, during the VoiceOver stage, if you wish to change the script, we will have to re-record the audio and there will be a $150 fee incurred.
How does our team and your team communicate?
Most of the communication will be via email, as there will be a clear record. We offer one strategy session after the first draft of the script. However, we are available via Skype/Call at anytime!
How do we receive files?
We share a collaborate Google Drive folder, which will have all your video content, digital assets, script versions, voiceover samples, and project timeline. You will have 100% access to the drive folder throughout the process and it will updated weekly.
How do we give feedback?
We share a collaborate Google Drive folder, which will have all your video content and digital assets in one place. We use an awesome software called FileStage which allows us to upload scripts, storyboards, illustrations, and videos for easy feedback and change requests.
Who owns the video?
Once we have received the final payment, we will send you the HD video file in a MOV or MP4 file and you have full ownership! We do post your video on our social channels and include in our portfolio as well.
Where are you located?
We are headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We’d be happy to have an in-person meeting as long as you’re located within Toronto and the GTA. However, we are a digital company and have worked with customers all over the world!
Do you offer launching or promoting strategies for our video?
We can help you promote and showcase your awesome new video. As an added value service, we can craft a potent marketing campaign to help get you started.